10 - 100 Employees


10 - 100 Employees

We help eCommerce & digital businesses build & manage high-performance teams.

At Filta, we’re fortunate enough to be able to help offer three distinct methods of building your team capability, that fit your unique cost and flexibility needs at any given stage.

Outsourcing for where you need a dedicated, affordable team member, who can work on a full-time basis; Project-Based Staffing, for where you need a skillset for just a few hours; and; Global Recruiting; for where you need help finding someone locally.

It can be a maze figuring out what option to choose and for when.

We help you overcome that; helping you chart a course by giving you clear costs and considerations for selecting the best option, and map out a plan for your future team.

Areas of Specialty:

👏Creative Design & Marketing
🤝Digital Marketing, Search & Social
👉ICT Support
🤙Commercial Accounting
💪Administrative & Ecommerce Support

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September 4, 2020