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July 10, 2024

The successful candidate will have experience with the relevant technologies, possess strong English conversational skills, and be able to work partially within London time.

• Proficiency in WeWeb for frontend development, or Vue.js as an alternative starting-point

• Proficiency in Supabase for backend development, or SQL as the foundational language

• Experience in full-stack development of web applications

• At least conversational-level English skills

• Ability to communicate asynchronously

• Partial time overlap with London time

• Attention to detail and commitment to high-quality work

• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues independently


We are looking for a full-stack low-code developer who will be responsible for developing web applications using WeWeb and Supabase. Your role will specifically involve:

• Develop and maintain web applications using WeWeb and Supabase

• Execute designs and solutions provided by the Voltaire Labs team

• Running foundational QA tests on applications in development

• Ensure timely delivery of high-quality, production-ready applications

• Communicate effectively with the team asynchronously on Slack

• Troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise

• Maintain documentation for code and processes


• Remote work

• Flexible hours

• Fast paced, dynamic environment

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