Set payments to your team on auto-pilot.

Process international payments quickly and easily.

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Payments automation

Pay directly by credit card or bank

We use Stripe invoicing to charge your payments securely via credit card of ACH direct debit.

Indicate unpaid days or hours

You can indicate any unpaid days or hours. They will be adjusted from the total charged.

Deposited to their bank accounts

We handle conversion from any currency, tax filling, and writing straight to their account in days.

Payment benefits

More than just automation

Payment escrow

Unlike wiring money to an overseas account, we hold your payment in escrow. You can contest payment if you feel your team did not meet your requirements or agreed scope of work.

Secure billing

We’re hands off on your card info and Stripe takes care of all billing  data.

Benefits program

We take care of health benefits, among other perks you seek to provide.

Transparent pricing

There are no hidden fees. We charge 10% on top of all payments you make.

Expense invoices

Receive receipts from a Delaware C Corp for your bookkeeping and tax docmumentation.